About Trinity

Trinity Bursey began her Christian walk as a child and, into adulthood, her relationship continues to burn brightly.


Blessed with the gift of creative writing and public speaking, Trinity uses her talents to inspire others to pursue a deeper level of intimacy with their Heavenly Father. She is passionate about helping Christians recognize their identities in Christ and the power that comes from walking in complete unison with Him.

Trinity’s first devotional, “Face-to-Face”, has been met with rave reviews by women of all ages, as well as small groups.  This inspirational book leads readers through a poetic journey that explores the love God has for us and the rewards of surrendering fully to His leadership. 

On a personal level, Trinity is a teacher of children with Severe Emotional Disorders.  She is also one of the founders of the Fayetteville-based business, Inspirations Christian Entertainment, which provides an avenue for people to enjoy Christ-inspired music, spoken word, dance and socialization. 

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