We were born for it.
We crave it.
We pursue it.
But, is what we are craving and pursuing truly satisfying us?
Craving intimacy and belonging is like being thirsty. You know, really thirsty to the point where it hurts just to swallow.  In our quest to quench our thirst, we often scramble around for something to drink. Suddenly, we come across two different drinks; a bottle of water, and a liter of soda.  As we decide which bottle to grab, our mind flashes back to one of many commercials. We replay all of the ads where beautiful people gather around their sodas, laughing, toasting, and having a good time. We nod our head and smile. Then we glance at the bottle of water. No commercials seem to highlight any spectacular quality. We shrug our shoulders and think, “The soda is what I need!”  So we grab it, and quickly gulp it down. And it seems to satisfy us….only for a little while.  So we reach for another, and another, and another.  Did you know that soda in no way quenches your thirst? In fact, it makes you even thirstier! Nothing but water truly quenches our thirst. Not only does water satisfy your thirst, it also helps control calories, maintain body fluids, and much more!
Just as water is the only drink that can satisfy you, Jesus is the only One who can completely satisfy you. Things in life may taste exciting and new, but they fail to do what they promised. They fail to completely satisfy. Instead, they succeed in making you a slave to the “one more” diet.
What is your soda? What is the one thing you chase after for satisfaction? Is it sex? Money? More followers? Attention? Whatever it is, it will never, truly satisfy you. If you decide to keep chasing life’s “soda”, you’ll find yourself full, yet longing for true satisfaction.
There is no condemnation for those of you reading this while sipping your favorite carbonated drink. I hope you don’t feel obligated to throw it out. I’m simply asking if where we are placing our confidence and allegiance is truly stable.
In John 4:14, Jesus says that Living water comes from Him alone. All those who thirst for Him, will never thirst again. We can find our satisfaction, hope, purpose and peace in Him. Water does so much for our bodies, so much so, we can’t live without it. As the living water, Jesus does so much more for us; body, mind, soul and spirit. The choice is up to you. What will you thirst for?
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