Ever tried to mold play dough that’s been left out for a while? It’s hard to squeeze, it’s dry, and it may even snap or crumble. As we all know, that is just the opposite of what play dough should be like! The colorful clay Is supposed to be soft, soothing and fun. It sparks creativity as a simple massage of the hands can turn it into a ball or a rope. Play dough has been around for years, and It’s at its best when it is kept hidden in its shelter until ready for use.
How about us as children of God? God is the master craftsman, and we are the precious work of His hands. Hiding, or spending time in God’s word allows our hearts to become soft and malleable for Him. God takes pleasure in us when we are willing to let Him have his way. He delights in us when our hearts are sensitive to His voice. But, when we spend more time outside of His word than in, sin is not far behind. Sin, and the weight of this world, have a horrible way of drying us out. When dried out, suddenly everyone gets on our nerves and everything seems to be wrong. In this state of mind, we are about as much use as dried out play dough.
But there is hope.
Did you know you can revive dried out play dough? By adding a few drops of water while working it between your hands, you can soften what was once hardened. What about you? Have you allowed areas of your heart to be hardened?
There is Hope.
As the living water, Jesus will revive whatever is dead in you. So personal, He gives you Himself while gently massaging you back to a state of sensitivity. So merciful, He longs to remove every trace of shame and doubt. But the choice is up to you. Where will you choose to spend your time today? Outside of Him, or hidden in His word?
“I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you”.
Psalm 119:11
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